19 mins Really hate how people are calling me a scumbag on FB all the time bc of my posts its really such a small percentage of someone's existence You aren't there when I stood outside a gas station for 10 mins just to open the door for the man walking with a cane and then open his car door You aren't there when I'm in the grocery store and an old lady 75+ drops boxes of noodles in a crowded aisle and then her husband starts to bend over and nobody offers to help I'm talking 15 people in the aisle and im the only one to walk over and help You aren't there when the single mom has kids crying and I offer to put the rest of her stuff into the car so she can check on the baby and you aren't there in McDonalds when I pay for kids food because their dad said he doesn't have enough for what they wanted Istg if I post something calling a stripper a whore I'm a bad guy though 1 Like Share Comment Ohp Meme

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