1980 I bet in the future there will be a video where someone spins a fidget spinner extremely quickly in order to damage a handheld computer 2017 Kepler telescope catalogs hundreds of new alien worlds some potentially habitable This Machine Could Print Synthetic Life Forms on Demand And Our Minds Are Reeling New antibiotic effective against drug-resistant bacteria Computers are starting to reason like humans The Human Brain Can Create Structures in Up to 11 Dimensions Sun Likely Has a Long-Lost Twin Scientists Have Created The Largest Ever Virtual Universe Inside a Supercomputer A new device can clean polluted air and turn it into hydrogen energy Scientists Just Changed The Game And Made Synthetic Photosynthesis Possible 3 Separate Experiments Report Signs of a Phenomenon Beyond The Standard Model of Physics LIGO detects gravitational waves for third time The World's Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Just Gave Rise to a 'Molecular Black Hole Gene therapy could turn off' severe allergies An Additional Sixth Sense Has Been Detected on The Tongue CERN Just Fast-Tracked Plans to Build a Particle Collider Three Times as Big as The LHC The World's Largest Floating Solar Plant Is Finally Online World-First Trials Have Been Launched to Treat Parkinson's And Blindness With Embryonic Stem Cells Bacteria may supercharge the future of wastewater treatment Ineffective antibiotics form strong teams against deadly super bacteria Google's New Al Is Better at Creating Al Than the Company's Engineers For The First Time Physicists Have Observed a Giant Magnetic Bridge' Between Galaxies Scientists Achieve Direct Counterfactual Quantum Communication For The First Time A New Gene-Editing Technique Has Eliminated Acute HIV Infection in Living Animals Gravitational waves could show hints of extra dimensions Scientists Have Discovered a New Quantum State of Matter Early Clinical Trial Shows 'Cancer Vaccines' Can Protect Humans From Tumours It's Happening Scientists Can Now Reverse DNA Ageing in Mice Self-taught artificial intelligence beats doctors at predicting heart attacks Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be know Carl Sagan EverythingSciencecouk <p>Don&rsquot lose hope via rwholesomememes <a href=httpifttt2sQrAFO>httpifttt2sQrAFO<a><p> Meme

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