1994 Subaru Outback @Sadieisonfire what people say drinking a lot of water can do for u makes your skin good makes ur liver good makes u feel more awake makes u a god what is really does gotta piss sorry gotta piss again 127 AM 14 Mar 18 goldenpodc I heard that if the water is constantly just leaving your body as you just drank it that means it's not working or doing it's job through the streams of your body bc you're drinking it too fast and too much at once You're not supposed to drink one bottle of water in one gulp You have to take increments of water throughout the way And honestly it's true mickey-the-red There's always whiskey makes your skin who cares makes your liver work makes you feel warm and cosy till you reach cold-hearted and fighty makes you a god of your own making What it really does -HUBRIS SORRY HUBRIS REALLY THO Source the-memedaddy 108293 notes Stay hydrated baby Meme

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