1d Edited I get asked a lot what triggered me to homeschool my kids Our 3 kids aged 5 to 9 were going to a school we were actually happy with To make their 8 minute drive to school constructive I taught the kids maths No whiteboard no textbook each of the kids learning at a different pace But I realised that they were learning more maths in those 8 minutes than they were at school Homeschool wasn't even an option as I thought it was for socially retarded weirdos However a few months later and after much debate we decided to at Ileast give it a try and see if we could address our concerns with it 5 years on and the 12 and 14 year old finished their 18+ exams last year are near-conversant in 6 languages English Mandarin French Bahasa Malaysia HindiUrdu Arabic and are learning to code while launching a startup The youngest 10 is doing her 18+ exams They learn by Googling stuff YouTube helping each other Skype tutors wanted the kids to have the ability to teach themselves from an early age we And yes they have plenty of friends are sociable and play way more sport than most kids 5 years of homeschool = fluency in 6 languages and launching a startup Meme

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