1h How meat eaters seem to normal people t -20 Reply Дh Normal people what t 6 1h Tittpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v= LP-E7HAKO-Q t -10 a 1h Ngl that's pretty fucking delusional t 4 1h Are you fucking kidding me? This is the rea- son why veganism is a complete joke You do realize that eating meat is natu ral right? You do realize that's why we have CANINE teeth That's why we have an appendix it used to function as something that would deal with uncooked meat but now that we've cooked meat for generations upon generations it essentially stopped working You know that right? You know why we were called hunter-gatherers right? We went around hunting animals and gather- ing vegetables and fruits and nuts You do realize that's why we were nomadic? We didn't want to hurt the environment so we went around foraging from different areas and killing our prey in different areas We're omnivores Deal with it Carnists isn't a word Processing all those kale leaves for your diet? Just as bad for the environment as a quarter pound burger You're absolutely insane this page is for laughing at insane people not being insane t 7 1h Check out gorilla and hippo teeth Source on the appendix please Why does what we were called matter? Why do you keep making appeals to history? Source on kale being just as bad as cow consumption? -11 36m 1 Strawman has been proven 2 It's one of the main theories we're not 100% sure 3 Because it explains how we're SUPPOSED TO EAT MEAT YOU MONG 4 Leafy green vegetables take so much water and fertilizer to produce Runoff is produced Rivers are polluted 4 17m 1 You're the one that mentioned teeth Not sure what you mean by it's been proven 2 Source? 3 Are you suggesting you can't survive on a vegan diet? 4 What do you think cows eat? Vote 8m 1 It's been proven there's no connection between human teeth and hippo teeth 2 Again it's a THEORY Even if I showed you it you'd just call bullshit because you don't understand a lot of things and theories is definitely one of them 3 No I'm not But will need supplements and fortified foods in order to live you certainly a healthy life 4 Usually corn though it isn't natural which requires far less water and fertilizer to produce than lettuce spinach etc If they're grassfed that's better for the environment as that requires no fertilizer and only rainwater t 1 1h GIVE ME SOURCES SO I CAN QUESTION THEIR CREDIBILITY!!!!!!! 3 l51m You do realize that cancer hiv rape child death are natural right? You do realize this is called the appeal to nature fallacy right? You do realize I have a PENIS so I can go round fucking everybody I like? Including dogs kids and unwilling women You know that we were slave owners rapists nazis and murderers right? What do you think I eat instead of meat? Kale? You are delusional using basic bitch carnist 101 arguments These are so bad I almost think you are trolling I am currently laughing at you as you clearly have no idea what you are talking about Love it when dumb people think they are smart t -11 43m This is a good way to convince people you're right t 3 26m LovE It when dUmB pEople THINK theY aRE SMa Rt Vote 15m Cancer is a mutation of cells that causes rapid cell division of abnormal cells HIV isn't natural it's a mutation of a disease carried by chimps Rape is not natural All animals are supposed to find mates Yes child death is natural it's the survival of the fittest Now we have medicine and vaccines so children are more likely to reach adulthood Unfortunately this has caused overpopulation of humans as a result Yea th is all happens and I guess you're suggesting it's good? Or are you confusing it with naturalistic fallacies? No you can't Rape is obviously a mental problem because AGAIN HUMANS like all other animals are supposed to find a MATE Nope fucking an animal of another species is an insane mental problem Fucking kids is an insane mental problem Yea some of us who had bad morals and didn't understand this stuff and had mental illnesses were slave owners and nazis and are murderers and rapists Yea based on your backwards logic I'm the one with bad arguments? I'm the one trolling? Look at you with your strawmans and lack of self awareness You're laughing at the truth which only makes you worse You're so delusional that you believe you are above everyone who shuts down your useless attempts at arguments You're so delusional that you believe or come up with these argument in the first place You're so delusional you're the one who thinks I have no clue thinking what I'm talking about when I've done more than 15 minutes of biased research I love it too damnit And keep laughing away your pathetic existence 2 12m I AM LAUGHING BECAUSE I AM CLEARLY SUPERIOR HEAR MY MIGHTY LAUGHS PEASANTS HA HA HA Meme

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