1Lhu50KIG #124029364 0405 082102 JPEG 700x762 151 KB Is using an exploit in a video game to crash servers illegal in America? Is it illegal to crash a video game's server using nothing but in- game mechanics? I found an exploit in a Steam survival game that can crash the server for about 5-10 minutes booting everyone off the server It uses nothing but in-game mechanics to do Is it considered a DoS attack? Or since I'm just playing the game would it hold up in court? 6 E bAc9a7FZ #124030682 0405 083659 >Knock on door GO AWAY IM BUSY >Door opens anons parents take a timid step into the room Pissjugs fill most of the available floorspace > Anon what What are you doing? Camera pans to anon who sits crosslegged and hunched over a small dusty monitor fat rolls flowing freely to reveal a completely naked figure except for some ripped stained Y fronts I just found a small indie game on Steam where I can exploit an ingame mechanic to crash the servers *snortlaugh* *shart I'm basically a hacker you know A pale chunky hand reaches into an industrial-sized bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos Some sounds akin to that of a hungry hippopotamus devouring a small mammal follow The creature wipes the crumbs on its pallid body o-okay anon We'll leave you to it The mother wipes away a single tear as she backs out the room The father gives a single glare a mix of regret shame and stoic acceptance before following suit and gently closing over the door A single balloon reading Happy 30th birthday son! hovers for several days in the doorway unnoticed until the helium leaks out of it and it slumps almost wearily to the floor Meme

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