2-0 Photo 2018 Douglas Herring All Rights Reserved archerinventive wheeloffortune-design khromata hrefnatheravenqueen hrefnatheravenqueen ohmightysmiter ex-sang-uination dirtyriver treacleaergia garrettauthor anarcho-wormism oberonsson Dame Archer kicks McDougal’s Scots ass there in the rain at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire - August 11 2018 - Photo by Douglas Herring 😮 Oh NO me a sheltered noblewoman Pray who is that brave knight?Dame Archer*turns around*me gasp! *instantly in love* Alicia Archer my bi heart……… I’VE NEVER SEEN THE ADDED PICS Ah heck reposting again for some more A Archer goodness This final picture will make you 300% gayer dies in gay swordsexual does she know how many women are in love with her right now Ok you’ve all convinced me to get Tumblr lol Hello all nice to make your acquaintance I love the comments totally made my day 3 Meme

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