213 roffmychest ureallarrydavid 1h Thank you to the two Arab guys who protected me while I was sleeping on a bench last night Picture this I'm a young girl living in a crappy part of town I have a couple of drinks then a couple more then a couple more I decide that it's good idea to saunter down to the old convenience store to buy a couple o' sodie pops On my way there I take a tumble a To the guys who made sure I got up off the sidewalk and onto a bench thank you Thank you for silently standing vigil beside me until I woke up two hours later I could have been assaulted robbed raped murdered or abducted but I wasn't You guys could have been the ones to hurt me but you didn't You didn't even come remotely close to doing anything to harm me You guys didn't talk to me You didn't seem to have even a little bit of interest in me but you stuck around to protect me Thank you thank you and thank you again I hope one of you browses Reddit I know it's unlikely but God I hope you see this so you know that I'm really grateful Vote Share BEST COMMENTS Holdinipartyofone 1h Very glad you're safe Add a comment > So wholesome I could cry Meme

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