223 PM 87 00 0054 Share 986 31 LeaderOfTheBeavers • 2h One time I was working the drive thru around christmas time I was handling the money and handing out the food This position sucks in the winter because it's so damn cold and your hands are basically falling off grabbing cold drinks and ice cream and reaching outside to hand them to people So I wasn't having the best day So this young guy pulls up and had like a soda and some fries like a 5 dollar order He asks if he can pay for the car behind him and I tell him it's like $28 but he pays for it anyway! So I already get the warm fuzzies Then I get to be the person to tell the recipient The person in front of you paid for your food! And seeing their face light up had absolutely made my day but then! She said Can I pay for the person behind me? I swear to god I'm 100% honest there was a chain of 8 people that kept paying for the person behind them! I got to watch each and every one of their faces light up! It was one of the best days I've ever had at my job I couldn't stop telling my coworkers what was happening and I was just so excited! So now whenever I go to the drive thru I ask if I can pay for the person behind me and really really hope that it happens again so that it makes everyone's day Guys I'm telling you being that cashier that super cold day and having that happen it made my week inspired me to do the same and restored my faith in humanity forever I will never ever forget it Add a comment >> Can I pay for the person behind me? Meme

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