240 pm l Optus AU 49% 44 mins I was sitting down having a coffee and these two soccer mums behind me start talking about Halloween somehow I got included in their convo? Soccer mum 1 I'll never let my kids do trick or treating Soccer mum 2 I know they put drugs and stuff in the bags it's not worth the risk Me look you do know if someone puts drugs in your kids bags they're screwed think about it If a dealer gives someone drugs for free he makes no money and if he makes no money then his supplier doesn't make any money and if the supplier isn't making money he'll go after the dealer and his family for not giving the usual amount I thinks drugs is the least of your worries cause no one is dumb enough to give out drugs for free 3 comments Like Send in Messenger Comment And what was their reaction Dja Pollo speechless so kind of awkwardly laughed it off II Man completely destroys two soccer mums in cafe Meme

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