246 Akilah Hughes OOO 899K Tweets Tweets & replies Media Likes Tweets Akilah Hughes @AkilahObvio 1h I love that part of Twitter today is kid uses n-word willfully and egregiously and records himself doing so but since he can't go to Harvard now we should feel bad for him Lemme just say on behalf of my entire black American lineageLOL Suck a dick t11092 98 5454 Akilah Hughes 1h @AkilahObvio My people were hung from trees by people who used that word just as freely You can take your triflin teen ass to DeVry! t285 965 11 Akilah Hughes @AkilahObvio 1h V If you're not smart enough to not record yourself saying racist shit you're not smart enough to go to Harvard! Lol don't let the door hit you on the way out L192 26 1306 Harvard “It’s above me now” Meme

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