249 tc 12551 A Draven are you a girl mf Miss Fortune It's none of your business Draven Draven are you srsly a girl O 0 1304 AIl Lee Sin awkward question Pyke What? 1308 A 13091 TAl User's emotes are now being Muted User is now being Muted 1348 AI talking all big 1358 All 14021All! 1424 TAIl focus on a game While you keep asking stupid questions Miss Fortune Muted Draven i can coach you ne can only assume you are a so called egrill Pyke Oh yea Pyke Forgot to mute you Galio Miss Fortune No I'm just a woman trying to *slaps mf's garbage smelling moist left the lobby This is what you get when you're trying to pay attention to the game but League's Nice Guys keep nagging you Brief Note I decided to be cold after multiple attempts to make me talk Meme

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