24k points 5 months ago There was a girl in my English class who always drew big tiddie anime girls in her notebook I'd be grading essays and then open up her notebook and BAM some random waifu would be popping out at me One day I noticed she was distinctly shielding her notebook from my eyesight as I walked around the class I figured she was drawing something dirty again and just decided to ignore it I'd deal with it at the end of class The bell rang and I called her over and was going to talk to her about how it was inappropriate and that I had saw everything she had been doodling Except for this time it wasn't a doodle It was a suicide note It was written to a bunch of random kids on instagram who were evidently her only friends She had never even met them Well we had a long talk about how she mattered and it was unfair to take herself away from those who cared about her I pointed out that a boy in the class had an obvious crush on her And that people thought she was cool because she always dressed goth and kept to herself I referred her to the counselor She ended up dating the boy who had a crush on her and passing my class Haven't seen her in years but I hope she's doing well Reply Give Award Share Report Save awesomacious Wholesome teacher saves a girl’s life Meme

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