27 The ANTIFA Manual Found on the campus of The Evergreen State College Introduction If you are reading this it's because someone lose to our movement trusted you with it Please do not distribute to anyone who may attempt to harmn or denigrate what we are doing This is an ANTI-FASCIST or ANTIFAnanual If you are reading thin you already know that we are a soclal justice movemnent against hatred Intolerance and bigotry This manual outlines where we've been where we're at and where we're headed within the next 100 years But first to understand how we got here we have to understand THE ANTIFA MANUAL White Privilege For hundreds if not thousands of yeurs the cis white male power ntructure ontrolled the media and disbursement of information First came the printing press controlled by white males Then came mass medla such as newspapers and television controlled by white males But the next evolution of medis was born in a time when the cis white male power ntructure began to lose its firm grip on the dissemination of ideas Some of our kind have begun to infiltrate high-level positions of power in major media organizations And of oourse the new king of idea dissemination is Social Media This is the new battleground for our war against funciam Do not distribute to any cis white males non-PoC non-LGBTQ peoples aka fascista Whites especlally cis white males have proven to be the greatest evil mankind has ever known From Hitler to our very own Harry S Truman who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasak1 to the slave traders of old no one has proven to do more harm to mankind than white men From their murderous plundering eg of the Native Americans and African slaves white males have achieved status and power in the United States and Western Europe Never indulge any fantasy by the fancists that white men have also cured diseases 1ifted people out of poverty through western capitalism democracy or any other facetious claim they may make about 47 major new media stars into witting or unwitting pawns for our cause have subverted the power structure enough to eventuate our ends Belleve the Way We Do or You Will Be Fired Control the Media The next crueial step is to threaten the livelihoods of anyone who dares speak out against our agenda They are after all fasclsts who are clearly racist homophobic or misogynistic You Can't run a company with someonee like that in your midst It's important to gain control of the media through any means necessary In these early stages of this movement it's Important not to allenate any cis white males who are on our nide Use white shame and white guilt to kowtow men in positions of power into following our ideals Some major media conglomerates are swinging to our side but they have not gone far enough Once we achieve this end we'll almost be able to taste our victory yet we have so much further to go to achieve our ends Fearing for one's livelihood is clearly a big motivator Cis white male fascists will begin to hide in the shadows They may lurk online on message boards and underground media but will be afraid to speak up uning their own volce and name for fear of being labelled a bigot Social Media in the new battlefront of ideals We've seen what kind of power these outlets yield by kicking major fancists off their platform before This will and this must only continue If you are seeking positions of power in the media be sure to obfuscate and hide your true intentions on the various social media platforms Better to remain a mystery and wield massive power than blatantly shouting your viewpoints from the hilltops We have the objective truth on our side Always project that Many fascist corporate overlords still exist and will offer some of these hatemongers a place to work But it's only a matter of time before our ranks infiltrate even the most evil of corporations who tolerate such hate speech from their employees Use social nedia as a baton to alap down anyone who holds funcist viewpoints Call them racist homophobic mnisogynistic Create an echo chamber around you Phase 2 Thee Socialization of Capital Many of us firat learned about ANTIFA and gained our views on college campuses and univeraities across the country This needa to start earlier Take up teaching as a profession Educate the youth about the dangers of fasciam Befriend those Yulnerable atudents who you auspect of having fascint-leaning parents Teach Little Timmy not just how to read good but also how to think and act good Never reveal our endgamne but the obvious next step once we control the media is the sociallzation of capital This wil1 obviously require major political power With hopefully 70% people of color in this nation we may begin to have a chance at these ends Obvlously we start with heultheare It's after all a basic human right Everyone knows someone who died of cancer or who got sick somehow Obamacare was better than what we had before but it was bullt with the healthcare lobbyista' consent We need single-payer and we need it NOW Once we firmly have control of Social Media and most major media platforms it's time to start Operation Truth The way many soclal media platforms currently work is that people are primarily exposed to viewpoints they primarily already agree with This ereates a kind of echo chamber for that individual Howerer once we control the flow of information we can slowly start spreading the truth to the fancists who reject our ideology This must be done very carefully S1owly at first Begin suggestinga plece of news video tweet or post that the opposition could concelvably bellere in Create new outlets of media that do not come with the baggage of known bian Convert Americans have come to accept that it's OK for them to be locked in a cage rather than not pay their taxes Nevermind most of the money collected goes to the military industrial complex and to engage in imperfalism abroad Wars against brown people who happen to 1ive above oll-rich lands 57 67 77 we do not condone mann murder Howerer a tiny majority people who happen to be Musltn have deeided to blow Lheinnelves up for their cause Clearly thie is the result of their fetuses aboried Currenly the uredominantly people of As people of coler LGRTO ute neaple the disabled Muslima culor dominated poor eommuntien bare 11le cboloe but to keep baby to term en ifnt nto the foster system these and other inority classes siowly becone the majority we will lelns into office It ls after aturally vote pro-ANTIF children wi1l ane day 1lay the groundwork for our eventual New World Order and One World Goverment all only in our best interesi their eulture Onums Bin Laden would not have sttacked the WC And Pentagon had we not teooued atom bonbs oan Japan in ww for example Palestinians are elearly vietims nd have le to no ehote than to avenge their relalives deaths at the hands of the Israell government Make no miatake Jews are a protected elaas of people but we do not condone Israell aggreanion againat Palestinlans After healtbeare the nexs target foe soctalieatlon will obviously ge the nedia Use one of the government's only toola an Phase 3 New World Order eorporation anti-trust antlmonopaly law o split the mnedla into worker-owned ANTIFA-cantrolled entities world free of hatred and bigotry Imagine a worlld Imagine where you'11 never have to be eslled the n-wordagain Imgine world where you can be an gaT a roa want and non raging diek-aucking ta Where ANTIF idcesbe called aupreme and all hateful mieroaggresnive apeech is eradlested Currently only the rleb and unper middle elass get to enjoy the benefits of Wall Bireet and slf t hes to offer If The worker owned and controlled their own businenses ereryone would win exoept the big fat eat CEOS who woald be ous ofa job reign Phase 4 One World Government One way to acoomeliah this will he to tag or mlerochip every haman being on the planet and they wilf do so voluntarily the guise of entertalnment and other beneflta to lure the people to thls end This chip mbedded in the hend or neck will allow ANTIPA-approved regulators to monltor the eltisenry of the world Information aneessible by waving wand few feet away from the ehip would be DNA eontent ineluding% of ealor genetle disadvantages ete polislessl leanings soored by pant soelal media posta earnings known associales ANTIPA satus ele We must ensure that only ANTIFA-approved regulstors can access this data lest we veer too far into faseiem ourselves We will have to gradusly ralse the sax reies on both the 1% a well as the mid to upper middle elass to achieve our ends Ralse- the minimum wage to livable wage enpeclally in places like 8an Pranelsco Lon Angreles snd Ne York laia homes for the homeless and oonfiseale foreclesed properties from banks to give to the homeless Cur mavement will eventually apread to other netions-Indeed 1 has already begun Bome peoples wi11 prove exeessively resistant to our brand of ANTIFA ucb as those who were previously burned by Communiam or felled noclalist atates Their leadrs lust for ntatus power And wealth eventually led them to oreste layers of power full of corrupt state offielaia ANTIFA hare the power of the peaple on our side or we wil11 eventually and will not succumb to nuch a fate After medla banks and finence will he our next terget followed by sechnolegy and manufacturing One thtng wee mast be sure of is to never let the white man exeuse hiinaelf of his obligstons to ue by takingg s0-called reparstions That tlme han surely passed and would give the els white male power strueture an excuse to stop caring to our demands Oh we gave Jamal $100k tn reparations two years a2o we don't need to help hlm now that hes Thus with the ware of wand one would be able to tell whether that vaguely belge-ish looking peraon in allowed to uae the term nigg Por example tn rap Texinon it is popular to say wherer my nigges alt I goi hoen in different area codes While elearly minogyniatie a person of color has the right to use the term niggsANTIPA regulatore will have to determine an acceptable pereentage threshold of color in one's DNA that makea i aceeptable to use the term nigg1f you are only 17% of African descent perhaps It 1s not okay to use that term Clearly if you are 1% or less of Afriean descent it is probleimatile although nome dark Asians can get away with BRYing it just because of how dark their skin tone in However i someone of say B0 % Caueasian descent attempts to use the n- word with the hard r they will elearly be In vlolstion of hate erlme apeech Whtle prison would clearly be too harsh of punishment for such n individual demotion of status power and income would not be out of the question and should be the norm It is only natural that the ideologies we enpouse spread throughout the globe Btarving Atrieans will finally be 1ifted Bist a oerty when we rediatribuie the wealth of the Weatern 1% to then and to our brothers and aisters here at home addlet on the etreet nowthey will u spenniless erack say Container ship after container ship wil1 be oonverted to mansive paasenger eruine-liners and will ferry poverty-atricken brown people trom around the world to the former United States and western Europe Jobs wil1 nower splenty at all of tbe world's worker-owned buninesses Those who can't work wil be provided a stipend and unlimited supply of oplates marijuana meth and cocaine to oceupy thetr free itme Speeding Up Progress To achieve these enda tbere are sowne tactlen that we must use to speed our way towards progress It's well-known thet whitees in Anerles are not producing as many offspring us thetr counterparta It's important to make abrtion an demund and without apology overwhelmingly avalluble in predoinantly thile eommnunities We must lower the bar to access birth oantrol In these comnunities and use medla to promulgute the image of ehldless white people as being aexy hip and cool Meanwhile the fasctata on the right will coniinue to attempt to restrict seess to abortlons on demand Middle class whiles tendi to have the ability to puy even for out of state trevel to get Sound too good to be true? It ian't Thia is what we're fighting for This ds what we belleve WE ARE ANTIFA EITHER YOU ARE WITH US YO RPAASCIS The issue of using force to achieve our ends is a tricky one Always shout down fasclat ogponents Disrupt their speeches counter-rally their rallies Foree the media to ahow our slde as the righteous one that it is When it eomes to the insue of terror 546 1237 AM dir LGBTQ eto Use ouaamon nenne Please i els w πŸ‘‹ Hello there fellow anti-cisanti-whiteanti-male liberal communists I am an Antifa Super Soldier posting our very real definitely not made up manifesto Meme

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