2 how did yov know? I didn't! A lot of aces didn't A lot of aces STILL donit Know theure ace How DID You KNOw You WERE ASEXUAL ME?? Asexuality isn't commonly Known Hence the awareness week Is a common question I've heard sarcastic celebration scene Eary ace signs for me When my friends were Im aloromantic notI spent late middle school - early high Friends started discovering their sexuaitiesexperimenting with their aromantic but romance bodies school thirking haube there's something medicaly wrong with me? and sex Media maube I have some weird genetic mutation? maybe it'l develop maube I'm secrety a robot? Aww maaan maube Im broken? but that phase never came to me akways made me super uncomfortable I was completely lost Lydia Fama udiafamacom @ydiafama 2 how did you know? - Pg 2 there's a word for THEN I Knew Somehow the internet led me to the term asexual im not broken! there's other people ike me! i just have a different orientation! genuine celebration scene A super common tip I read later on ace forums about IDing as ace realy stucK with Use labels if they bring you comfort but don't feel pressured to if you dont feel liKe you Know yourself wel enough Me RepNeS Live life first apply labels second I guess I followed that advice Kindoa involuntari 2 Lydia Fama udiafamacom @ludiafama lydiallama Second comic for Ace Awareness Week AAW day 2 - about my process of discovering I was ace See first comic for general info about asexuality here Meme

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