2 hrs Having four grown children I know all to well they need to make their own decisions but I just found out that our number 2 son got himself the flu shot a month ago Mind you he has been told when he had seizures from DTaP just like my sister who died at four months old He knows of all off the family suffering from Autoimmune disease from MMR on both sides of the family he even has one of his own I am so frustrated as his Dr who gave it to him as well as his PA do not get the flu shot then opt to use rinse their noses with saline solutions three times a day I knew something was off as he got a head cold and was having more than normal IBS which his Dad had to the point of being diagnosed with a serious methylation problem verified by UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital He knows all this and is surrounded with literally about every book on Vaccines including DVDS on the subject He refuses to go to CDC website and read the ingredients but will look elsewhere for his info the frustrating thing is he is been to City of Home with my Dd four Yes ago and read the signs at the front for stating anyone who has received a chickenpox pnemoniua pertussis or flu vaccine within 30days to not come in clinic yet he had the audacity to explain he did not want to have severe flu symptoms that's why he got it I literally bit my tongue thinking you have not been ill in four years and your soon to be 80 yr old grandmother who has dementia living here and not eating hardly anything and you are worried about yourself I was so frustrated And he told me this after he shared with me a friend of his called and canceled their game night because he and his whole family fell ill with the flu My first question did they get the flu shot? which they did I am like this kid is very intelligent does his research but is selective when it comes to researching vaccine data I am just grateful my mom and myselfhave been flu freefor4yars now and despiteMom'smental decline she has been able to stay well Pray I do not slap in upside of the head with one of my vaccine books Grrr 11 Comments 11 Like Comment View 3 more comments er So sorrymy kid is 9 we talk a lot about family loyalty and mother knows best I also educate him in the dangers of vaccines as we know many people who have been injured by them pray he doesn't follow another path and get negatively influenced by the corrupt if pharma 2 Like Reply 54m Edited I literally bit my tongue Meme

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