2 months ago first and foremostis what i saidthe truth and yeson a mental level i definitely am superior to most people this is alsothe truth my knowledge and my ability to change my perspective of something is also superior to mostthat is also real how its perceived is a different storyyet it doesnt change much about the facts i 've stated do you have a problem with the truth? or do you think the truth can change depending on the words people use? it could be better its not good its plain shit they all have the same meaning - plain shit is not good and could be better - grow out of your aristocratic bubbleyou are the actual elitist here whos shredding a text long enough until it has a different meaningjust to be right you are one of the so called half intelligent people - too smart for the average and too stupid for the next level ave been suggerated since childhood ironacily guys like you h otherwisemost likely because you were the families smartest bred how do you feel about that?i meancan you reflect a little on what ive said or are you againtrying to defeat me? do you realize how your own shit applies more to yourself than to me? at least i am fully aware of who i amyou on the other handare a ignorant whoreson who is despite what he thinksnot as superior as he belives to be ^ Reply Share Meme

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