2 points 2 hours ago I helped my sister throw a party one time when our parents were out of town when she was in high school somehow she convinced me that she needed this high school experience I only invited a few of my own friends and she invited 50-60 teenagers- after I told her 10 at the most she could invite! Lol This was probably 15 years ago now but I still shake my head when I think how stupid I was for helping with this and how much could've gone wrong! AnywayI bought a keg for them which I ended up just getting a half keg because it seemed like MORE than enoughor so I thought As soon as the party was packed with kids word was coming in that local police knew about the party somehow small town cops with not much else going on So We made a rule that everyone had to stay inside- My friends immediately turned into bouncers instead of party guests!! We kicked one kid out for puking and somehow he snuck back in twice! Lol It was crazy within three hours the keg was empty so teenagers were sneaking liquor bottles from my parents' bar in the basement We had a fridge in the basement as well that had all drinks- a bunch of different cases of beer that were my parents stuff like Amstel light Bottles of wine lol plus soda and juice boxes and this Italian sparkling water my mom drank that was in these fancy looking blue bottles Anyway these kids took absolutely everything from the fridge as well drunk guys stumbling around with big bottles of sparkling water! Omg it was crazy Luckily once they had drank everything possible the place cleared out pretty quickly thank god!! But I had to spend the whole next day driving to a bunch of different stores to find EVERYTHING that was in the fridge to replace and the liquor that was taken and put the house back together so my parents wouldn't find out! The one cool thing though- a guy from work I didn't even know that well had came and he ended up stepping up and being the absolute biggest help ever with keeping people inside and keeping people from wandering through my parents' house! He was a great friend after that! We actually started dating then when we were both single a few months later and I ended up marrying him! He's my husband so that was something pretty awesome that came out of the party at least! Everything else was just so crazy! I don't think I even thought it through ahead of time how wild these teenagers would end up being! Somehow the cops never came and my parents never found out! Reply Give Award Share Report Save I can comfirm I was the fancy sparkeling water Meme

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