2031 O 11% No Service 2031 No Service Will Will Hi! Please choose from one of the following options 1 standard hey how are you 2 poem 3 cheesy pick up line 4 crude sexual advance No pressure but I think I've aced this Roses are red violets are blue Kitty why'd you have to pick option 2? My rhyming is dead in fact it's plain awful But I guess I've committed to trying to impress you The sky is blue the grass is green This might be the worst poem l've seen So let's wrap this up I'II end with a line How do you like your eggs? Scrambled or fertilised? Today 2015 2 that includes 4 Sen Today 2030 Jeeeeeeez mixing it upI see! Alright I think l've tumbled up something p good Let me know what you think GIF Type a me Send Type a meSend An effort was definitely made and acknowledged 😂 Meme

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