20% 949 PM Sunday Here I am again Back to the same spot Just another revolution about the cycle I don't know why exactly I'm back But it could be that After years of rejection and failure You became the one thing that could go right Then everything went wrong And I after a while was able to accept that But then Weeks go by I go nowhere And it's back You say something that I may consciously know was probably just you being horny But in the back of my head The one thing that could go right is back That 5'3 wheezing repetitive Beautiful person And while yes I hope you'11 have me now I also hoped that three months ago And three months before that So if I'm reading this I just wanna hear your ful1 feelings about me And if it ain't what I'm hoping Just know that my subconscious may not believe you Sorry REFLOW TEXT AA This dude wrote this about me after hearing me talk about my bf after I repeatedly rejected him the 4th time he’s done this Meme

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