20 Post-Workout Foods Whole Wheat Bagel With Peanut Butter 1 Healthy Cereals High fiber and high protein cereal is a quick snack to refuel 11 Contains plenty of essential nutrients and protein to rebuild your muscles 2 Dried Fruits and Nuts Fruit Smoothie 12 Get a dose of protein from the nuts and quick carbs from the fruits Add protein powder or some peanut butter for added repair 3 Chocolate Milk Hummus and Pita Slowly releases to provide long-term energy 13 Packed with protein and carbs chocolate milk refuels you ocalate MILK 4 Egg Omelet Eggs contain the fastest-absorbing form of protein in the world Steel-Cut Oats Add a scoop of protein and almonds 14 5 Cottage Cheese Lots of good protein and fat very few calories 15 Protein Pancakes If you work out in the morning this is a great one Salmon One of the leanest meats salmon helps repair muscles 6 Good Old Whey Protein Dr Nick recommends Now Foods 16 new Whey Protein Sweet Potato A superfood that can be prepared in the microwavel! 17 Apples and Peanut Butter 7 Sweet salty and full of great nutrients for recovery 18 8 Cheese and Crackers Tuna The budget friendly way to get your protein Make sure the crackers are whole wheat for extra fiber AYAM BRAND URRY TUNA Stir Fry If you have a bit more time this is a great meal post workout Greek Yogurt Great for on-the-go and high in protein 9 19 oskos et Light Pizza If it's not smothered in heavy meats and sauce pizza can be a healthy meal full of protein and carbs Peanut Butter Sandwich This simple classic is surprisingly healthy and nutritious 20 10 RT @motivate httpstcosuGb2zNCyl Meme

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