20 way 2017 at 211 am -6 I am just going to put my sweet little find here for you It is a book written in 1889 called 45 years of Registration Statistics Proving Vaccination to be both useless and dangerous It covers 45 years so starting in the year 1844 the statistics of vaccine FAILURES including an INCREASE in death from other diseases once the blood has been poisoned by vaccination They cover the health of the vaccinated VERSES the UNvaccinatedbad news for the vaccinatedthey were dying more from other diseases such as measles mumps smallpox and diphtheria because of a weakened countenance from vaccines This was covered 128 years ago Oh and all you The science is settled on Vaccines People Nope It never has been settled They knew it was hurting mankind httpsarchiveorgstreamb21 361 40x#pagen0mode2up REECE SLIBRAY 29 DEC 1951 VACCINATION Proved Useless & Dangerous FROM FORTY-FIVE YEARS OF REGISTRATION STATISTICS Meme

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