2019-059a7dc7 UNCLASSIFIEDFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY JUNTI BURCA NATIONAL SITUATIONAL INFORMATION REPORT FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Potential Activity Alert CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION COUNTERTERRORISM DIVISION SACRAMENTO DIVISION Approved for Release 24 September 2019 SIR Number SIR-00328876940 UFOUO Upcoming Joker Movie Prompts Violent Online Threats by Involuntary Celibate Community Source A write-in to this agency UFOUO The purpose of this National Situational Information Report is to raise awareness among law enforcement personnel and public safety officials about individuals sharing threatening online posts calling for unspecific mass shootings at showings of the movic Joker Joker is scheduled to open in theaters 4 October although some theaters may have screenings the evening of 3 October The FBI received tips of threats posted on multiple social media platforms since at least May 2019 The FBI has no information indicating specific credible threats to particular locations or venues If specific threat information is collected the FBI will respond accordingly UFOUO Some of the threats contain references to the involuntary celibate Incel community and a subset community known as Clowncel Some who identify with the primarily online Incel community believe society unjustly denics them sexual or romantic attention to which they believe they are entitled Incels blame social and political movements for empowering others to deny them romantic or sexual attention Many Incels utilize forums and message boards to commiserate with likeminded individuals Clowncels support similar beliefs but use U Warning This is an information report not finally evaluated intelligence It is being shared for informational purposes but has not been fully evaluated integrated with other information interpreted or analyzed Receiving agencies are requested not to take action based on this raw reporting without prior coordination with the FBI U Note This product reflects the views of the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE DIVISION the COUNTERTERRORISM DIVISION and the SACRAMENTO FIELD OFFICE UNCLASSIFIEDFOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Ref # d3c8-4b43-af11-d565803b1db2 *laughs in Joker* Meme

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