2122 reddit USE APP View More> Communities rLateStageCommunism 2182 followers rLateStageSocialism 5565 followers OF THE EOURNIT rThe_Donald 749602 followers ESIDEN ATES SEAL iRelevance Posts rThe_Donaldireddit 1y uhotlersdeath A U Welcome to r LateStageCapitalism Just found latestage capitolism These guys are so delusional Zoo wee mama Please remember that this subreddit is a SAFE SPACE for leftist discussion Any Liberalism capitalist apologia or attempts to debate socialism Share 2 35 rneoliberal iimgur 205d uTime4Red Neoliberal Irineoliberal Memes Neoliberal Memers IRL ChapoTrapHouse hLateStageCap m Share 58 319 rwallstreetbets 310d uTheCopyPasteLife Shitpost Actual DD being posted in rlatestage Share 53 t37 1y ucitrus rReportTheBadModerator Banned from rlatestagecapitalism for identifying latestage racism Share 23 0 This is what I get when I search for latestage on reddit Right wing communities with 1100 the subscribers of this one and thedonald of all things Meme

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