2210 Wed May 15 LTE 91% a terrariagamepediacom Contents ﹀ A General Ready for Summer Most enemies have around twice as much health do about twice as much damage and receive 10% less knockback » Weaker enemies excluding bosses and their minions may get an additional multiplier to the above stats in Hardmode and additionally after Plantera has been defeated » Specific enemies such as all bosses have additional multipliers to their stats Enemies and bosses have new Als with higher difficulty attack patterns - Enemies can spawn in towns ie near NPCs although they still won't spawn in front of placed background walls Enemies drop more loot including higher chances usually 50% or 100% extra chance to drop certain items - Some enemies inflict additional debuffs or have an increased chance to inflict a debuff that they already inflict Enemies can pick up coins dropped by enemies or players Enemies holding dropped coins emit a sparkle effect based on the color of the best coin they 're holding » Coins are often laet mermanenth on dleat Ready for Summer TALBOTS » Also might 30% off tees&crops ins from enemieS like spiders ther enemies SHOP Now including all pants & jeans behaving sir Softcore mode players drop 75% of their coins upon death instead of 50% - General respawn time is increased to 15 seconds while respawn time during boss fights is increased to 30 seconds Ready for Summer TALBOTS Slime Rain can d awn chance 30% off tees&crops - Attacking Celes SHOP NOW including all pants & jeans - Killing PumpkinFrost Moon enemies progresses the event twice as fast due to the increased health of their enemies Yes im ready for summer TALBOTS Meme

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