22 hours ago edited Does size matter?? Regardless of what any woman said and they will say to the rest of the world that it really doesn't matter so they understanding and or can seem kind magnanimous size matters That same woman will sit around a group of her friends and sincerely make fun of a guy make jokes about the guy and generally make him seem Ilike less of a man compared to others Guys that say size doesn't matter are always the guys with little dicks they buy into the crap that the before mentioned woman say to him that size doesn't matter I literally walked by a living room at a gathering on my way to the bathroom because the basement bathroom was in use I could hear the conversation from down the hallway inside of the bathroom so l stood there in the bathroom and listened WOW women go into much further detail about things than men do talking about their BFs So here is what I heard one of the gals talking about her current BF to the group one of the women also having dated the guy Oh he's not that small Karen Don't give me that Sharon he's so small it's almost not there lots of giggles and an embarrassed Sharon About another 30 seconds or so of Karen making fun of her current BF and all the rest of the women bashing on Sharon's BF Sharon began making fun of her BF less than a uo uo joining minute later and Sharon was just as bad as the rest of them I opened the door of the bathroom Coughed flushed and made my way down the short hallway stopped at the end turned to my right and said Ladies how are all of you doing? One or two of the 6 or 7 women had a look on their faces like did he hear us? but the rest women smiled and laughed and said We're doing great what are you and the boys doing down there? I responded with my deep voice I'm living large ladies I'm living large shit eating grin Hey you girls need anything? I could tell a couple of them knew what I actually meant jokingly most on my face and followed up with a of them laughed but that couple that knew almost had their jaws hit the floor I went back to the basement an hour or so later Sharon's boyfriend Cam who struts around like a Banty Rooster all the time and I were having a discussion and he gets all puffy chested and says something smart assed and I just look at him with this look of pity and he says What I have something on my shirt? I replied YEAH looks like years of stains of shame and regret to me He didn't know how to respond as I shook my head and walked over to the Pool Table About 30 minutes after that the girls come down after sufficient amounts of alcohol and start socializing Each one of them at one point walks up to Cam and says something funny sneakily and then walks away or to hang out a few feet away Cam thinks he's the man and puffs up or or off topic and acts like the Alpha male douche he thinks he is while the women even his GF ignore him the rest of the night even with him trying awkwardly trying to include himself into conversations I on the other hand had a great time lots of good conversation and at about 1 am got asked by Karen and Sharon what I think of Cam and I said I think that he thinks too much of himself they laugh out loud and look at Cam and laugh again A month later Cam doesn't have a GF and CAM doesn't show up to the next gathering Good times Cam was a DOUCHEBAG anyway Hey buddy your name is Cameron don't give yourself a shitty nickname and act bad ass with a tiny dick was an exact quote as best I can remember from Karen and Sharon at one of our gatherings Haven't heard from or seen that guy in 20 years Women are BRUTAL!! Guy Wrote A Long Story About How Women Lie About The Saying Size Doesn't Matter Meme

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