23 24 FORTNITE SKILLS Qs Source A Battle Royal Land 1 What does 1cm on the map represent? 2 Would a 1100000 map be a larger or smaller scale map than 180000?alleA 3 What natur ANAPCHtACRES AR 304 PARK 4 What is the height of the peak of the mountain in GR 274445 5 What type of ma 41 toor LAKE 648 6 Name 7 What is the straight line distance between the 2 bridges on the map? 8 What is the difference in elevation between points X&Y? 9 What is the direction of Flush Factory from Snobby Shores? 10 Wh 46 ng nd in Loot Lak What is the local relief between Points A and B? 12 Which 2 built up areas appear to be the smallest? 13 Wh di ntre FLUSH FACTOR to Point Y? 14 Are you located in a terrestrial or aquatic ecosystem at GR 225435 15 TOUGH Q 2s 2チ CONTouR 6 km INTERUAL5om SCALE BATTLE ROYAL LAND go from the bridge at GR 282489 to the island in Loot Lake assuming BuILT up DENSE r working out below AREA ng Central River ve ow FOREST MAIN ROAD FOREST SWAMP My geography teacher's skills test We're in year 12 Meme

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