23 hrs Hi So I have a 5 month old and he hasn't been to the doctors in about 2ish months He's never sick knock on wood and I have never vaccinated him and will not Please don't attack me The doctor he had been going to would push so many things on him that were unnecessary Does anyone take their infant or toddler to a pediatrician they really like? I hesitated to post this since I know the topic of vaccines is very sensitive these days but I need to know if anyone has had amazing experience with their infant or toddlers pediatrician that can help me find one that I can be comfortable around It has been very hard to find one that have been accepting of my beliefs and I know most doctors do not allow patients who are anti vaccine so I am sort of struggling And again please don't attack me I am a new mother and I have researched I am of no judgment to other people decisions with their children TIA! 38 98 Comments Like Comment View previous comments 3 of 25 has no one heard of the Black Plague measles polio any of these diseases ring a bell? It's crazy how someone who does research on the internet can tell a doctor who is trained in many years of the medical field what vaccinations are good or not Like Reply 21h Help I can’t find a doctor who will see my unvaccinated kids! Meme

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