24+ Cheerful Tumblr Posts To Laugh Openly i was at the doctors today and there was a guy sitting behind me with his baby and the baby starts crying in its pram and the guy just stands up faces the kid and says Come on now don't cry you're better than that also someone else asked him how old his baby was and he said without even a moments hesitation he's 36 he's just got a height problem and l've only just come to terms with the fact l'll never say something that funny in my life It high-key sounds like you stumbled in halfway through a comedy about a dude who's friend got magicked into a baby 141005 notes LADNOW Kill The Bordedom Click to see full list 24+ Cheerful Tumblr Posts To Laugh Openly #funny #memes #tumblr #lol #rofl #sarcasm Meme

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