242 years after declaring independence our economy is BIGGER THAN EVERY COUNTRY IN EUROPE COMBINED AREAS OF EQUAL GDP MOLDOVA MACEDONIA MALTA ALBANIACYPRUS POLAND LATVIA LIECNTENSTEN KOSOVO PORTUGAL ITALY ESTONIA UNITED SLÖVENIA LITHUANIA KINGDOM GREECEE CZECHIA SEHERLANDS IRELAND CROATIA RSELLES AUSTRIA CROATIA ARitun BELa iuM ー SPAIN FANCE BULGARIA MONTENEGRO ·LUXEMBOURG ICELAND UKRAINE COESSA ESOV NORWAY HUNGARY FINLAND BOSNIA SERBIA SLOVAKIAIRAs & HERZEGOVINA ROMANIAON DENMARK SWITZERLAND NEW ENGLAND NEW YORK OHIO WEST VIRGINIA Unbiased America KR In 1776 our Founding Fathers declared independence from England Today our economy is larger than England And France And Spain and Germany and Italy… …and every single country in the European Union Combined Happy 242nd birthday America SOURCES httpswwwvividmapscom201702areas-of-us-as-european-countries-ofhtml httpstradingeconomicscomeuropean-uniongdp httpstradingeconomicscomunited-statesgdp Note Morocco not an EU country is added because the US economy is bigger than the EU's combined Meme

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