28% 505 PM god my neighbor just called me and she's likeo is this your chicken in our drivewayooo like who else has a chicken in this neighborhood yes it's my chickenoo So i get over there and kylo hen is chilling in their driveway eating some specs and stuff and there's this actual crowd of people around her and i'm likeooo hi sorry mb let me get herooo and oh my od they're like do you need us to call someone?? should we get help?? how should we do this?? do you need a net? like bitch it's a chicken not a fucking komodo dragon So i just i was kind of Joking around So i crouched down and patted my thighs and all the chickens are trained to come to me on sight because me foodo so i got down there and went here girl!! come here!! and the chicken comes running over and this group of actual adult ass individuals were staring at me like i was the fucking pied pipero and i didn't know what to Sayooo So i Just kind of walked back to my yard with the chicken following me and none of them moved or said a damn word and i think i literally just convinced therm this chicken is trained like a dogoo your chicken's name is kylo hen Source 11958 notes Kylo Hen Meme

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