28 notes greyliliyartemis-crimson Follow batmanisagatewaydrug wiener DM not everyone can make it so I guess we won't play justified DM not everyone can make it so we're gonna just pretend those characters are here and gloss over the plot holes wildcard DM not everyone can make it but I heard y'all like one shots galaxy brain DM not everyone can make it so I'm restructuring the game accordingly to justify and give plot significance to the changes in the party with three hours' warning batmanisagatewaydrug # ONLY 2 OF OUR PARTY SHOWED UP SO OUR DM HAD US KILL THEIR CHARACTERS LMFAO # THEY'LL BE TOTALLY FINE AGAIN IF THE PLAYERS SHOW UP NEXT TIME THOUGH # 1 THINK @drummermanspike ANGRY GOD DM Source batmanis #Dungeons and Dragons #We had a wizard that stole #characters when their players weren't #able to show up The random NPC trained them #or made them do labor #so they'd level up with us XD #Queue 213 notes Meme

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