@ 29 % I 0904 l vf-GR X Rules 5 Do not Submit Work With Extraneous Objects We're here to look at art not your Prismacolor pencils the desk you framed your painting over your easel or anything else that would not be seen if the art were publicly displayed 6 Do Not Post Memes or Low Quality Work Low effort submissions may be removed Melted crayon art and bad MSPaint drawings are subject to a 3 day ban This rule is totally up to mod discretion 7 No Fanart Comics or Requests Submissions that don't fit here may be redirected to more suitable subreddits like rfanart rartporn or rcomics Requests for art work should be submitted to rdesignjobs instead See here httpsoldredditcomrart wikifan_art 8 Be Respectful and Stay Bigotry slapfights unconstructive Topic on When you try to post your art on reddit but it knows already you are not an artist Meme

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