29TH NOV 2015 367165 NOTES kneesbutt westfailia what if a catholic priest were to just bless the entire ocean would it turn the entire thing into holy water or do priests have an effective blessing range? does that range increase based on your level? can the pope bless the entire ocean? so technically any priest could but shouldn't for pooping reasons Question If a priest blessed the ocean would the whole thing become holy water? If so why have we not done this yet? Like is there a maximum volume for individual blessing? Excellent question my initial response is yes but I'm assuming there's an asterisk I'll ask someone who actually reads n crap So it sounds like the answer is no on moral grounds Like he could but then everyone swimming and pooping in it is committing sacrilege so the priest actually made everything worse Also restrictions you have to see the water and there needs to be an intention to use it as holy water Moral of the story is if we ever get a private lake I could but we'd have to put up a sign Okay that's reasonable thank you source my brother is in his 4th year of study at a catholic seminary and reterred to one of his professors Source rottweilerprincess via rachkin Blessing the ocean Meme

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