2h Where do I hide? I break into The Jedi Temple at midnight Do I go for the Jedi Archives? No I go for the light saber It's priceless As I'm taking it a man catches me He tells me to stop It's his apprentice's business He's The Emperor I say no We make love all night In the morning the Clone Troopers come and I escape in one of their uniforms I tell him to meet me on Geonosis but I go to Hoth I don't trust him Besides I like the cold Thirty years later I get a holo-message I have a son and he's a Clone Trooper Commander This is where the story gets interesting I tell The Emperor to meet me on Coruscant by Dexter Jettster's cafe He's been waiting for me all these years He's never taken another lover I don't care I don't show up I go to Tatooine That's where I stashed the light saber O Reply ↑ 75 Meme

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