301 T a lonelyplanetcom Tours! 6 ars ago Hey guyS My question is very general but nevertheless I haven't found an answer yet Maybe you can help me How much money do you normally give people when you tip them In Guatemala? Whats about service-fees etc? And finally who do you tip drivers stewards ? Thank you in advance for your answers 9 yexs ago hmm controversial t being a non-US citizen I was not raised with the custom of subsidizing the slave wages paid by the service industry so I tend not to have the Pavlovian reaction of flinging dollar bills at anybody who is doing their job in my vicinity ut I do think that tinnin good As a point of reference Guatemalans tend to tip very lightly When I have eaten in restaurants with Guatemalans they have seemed quite comfortable with leaving some coins on the table for the waiters-nowhere near 10% of the bill Some restaurants particularly in Antigua and to my surprise in San Pedro now add at least 10% to the bill I find this rather distasteful particularly when the service is characterized by the waoo hour after you Meme

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