310 Chatting someone up I like being with you-J'aime bien jhehm byahn I've missed you so Tu m'as bea much 9I dreamt about you tew mah boa J'ai rêvé de t jhay rehvay d į I think about you all day Je pense à to jhuh pohns a You have such a sweet Tu souris sig tew sooree se You have such beautiful Tu as de si jo tew ah duh se I'm in love with youJe suis amou jhuh swee zah I'm in love with you too Moi aussi de smile eyes mwah oasee I love you I love you too I don't feel as strongly_ Je n'ai pas d'a Je t'aime jhuh tehm Je t'aime auss jhuh tehm oas about you toi jhuh nay pah d poor twah I already have a J'ai déjà un an boyfriendgirlfriend jhay dayjhah u Je n'en suis pa jhuh nohn swee peu t sah vah uhn pu I'm not ready for that_ This is going too fast Ça va un for me Take your hands off me Ne me touche nuh muh toosh Well that escalated quickly Meme

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