323 Ks 63 % O 111523 Aanya Wednesday 1538 You ever get a clever wordplay with your name? All the time Minus the clever Just wanted to know if you get them I don't have any tbh Do you like running? I'm not athletic at all So hell nah I'd rather just go for a walk I really like competitive races when the referee says Aanya mark get set go You like walks that's nicr Wanna hold my hand while we go for a walk? Um sure? Hit me with another AANYA pun Yeah why not Okay lemme think I really like the bedroom scenes when the guy says to the girl Hey aanya knees fast Wow ANOTHER ONE You just keep wanting more and more YOU BET I DO That sounds good Can't think of another pun right now Wednesday 1722 Wednesday 1808 Wednesday 1722 Wednesday 1808 You're always wanting more I am gonna cum aanya That's the last one I don't have any more Wednesday 1837 Okay I did not get that Wednesday 1953 You can get that when you meet xD Sent Type a message GIF I think I peaked Meme

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