329 This is the FTC report summary on MLMS such as Argonne Pages 1-3 and then page 5 apply to this Here's an excerpt Arbonne Int'l Referring to Abonne's network marketing system -It's an incredibly effective system that cuts the cost paid to the -middle manl offering you a higher earning potential This statement is a blatant misrepresentation Arbonne fails to disclose that network marketing or MLM is actually incredibly ineffective at least unfair and deceptive creating instead thousands of middle men - and that approximately 99% of all participants lose money They've also been sued for being a pyramid scheme however I don't think the case has been settled yet Obviously do what you want with this but I just wanted to provide some information for you bc bc I don't want my friends being taken advantage of 1243 PM I would really love to help you understand Arbonne a bit better because I've done in incredible amount of research in the company and I have people close to me actually finding insane success I've invested no money to start working with this company I haven't lost anything Only gained Pyramid schemes are literally illegal this is by definition not a pyramid scheme Arbonne has actually never been sued for being one One lawsuit was in the 80s or 90s from a couple who signed up and did zero work and sued because they thought they were entitled to success They sued them over the compensation plan thinking it was just going to happen but the judge knew it made no sense and it was closed But with any business you're not going to receive compensation unless you work it Arbonne is going on 40 years in the health and wellness industry and is the #1 global brand for healthy living inside and out Poorly structured MLMs like Herbalife or lularoe give reputable companies like Arbonne a bad reputation I would highly encourage you to go on YouTube and watch Betting on Zero - it exposes how Herbalife a shady MLM is total trash but is not the same as Arbonne at all If you have any other questions about Arbonne's business structure please let me know! I've researched it extensively and have applied my own degree and business education into making a wise decision to work with them Arbonne has been sued for being one In 2017 The FTC alone in what I provided above explains how shady they are It's easy to find any information online about how sketchy it is Arbonne is just as bad as companies like Mary Kay I don't want to pry obviously do what you want Okay there was a lawsuit filed and I do see that but by definition a pyramid scheme is highly illegal and moves no products It's all based on investments into an idea that never come to fruition so there's just money floating around MLM's can be extremely shady and there's been trash companies that give Arbonne a bad reputation I'm offering to help educate you and give you resources to show it's different than the companies who are operating shady business structures but at the end of the day you're totally entitled to your opinion about Arbonne I'm just offering to clear up any myths and explain why I saw it as the great opportunity it is And whether or not I work with them the products are phenomenal and are worth using Fact of the matter is I can make commission helping my loved ones live better with no loss of capital Any judge who is given the lawsuit trying to pin Arbonne as a pyramid scheme would immediately dismiss it because by definition it doesn't fit the parameters of a pyramid scheme The only thing against Arbonne is a bad reputation from shady companies trying to cut corners under the premise of network marketing Again I've utilized my business degree and experience in business and marketing to analyze the company of Arbonne and not only value the products but recognize it for being the reputable business and great opportunity that it is I would not spend my time of effort promoting a sha have turned them down in the past business and I'm not going to keep arguing but I completely wholeheartedly disagree With your assessment of the company Good luck I'm not trying to argue at all and appreciate your concern! I'm just actively trying to bust the myths about the company and expose how bad MLMS have give Arbonne a bad reputation that's not true But if you want to learn more I encourage you to utilize the resources I provided or I can send over some more At the end of the day pyramid schemes are by definition completely illegal and Arbonne does not fit the parameters of one Go Pro is also another great read that will clear it up 581 X The lact that there's multiple levels does not mean it's a pyramid scheme which by definition is an illegal in investment scam Is yours corporate or retail job not a pr egal net an pyramid? From tons of ied wemployees up to a few 's managers up to the very top person? Will you ever reach with the very top of your d of a is corporation? You can be the no top person in your own e in business if you want to work it that way-that's all this is If I You're building a small ork mi business and Arbonne is se your distributor for the products you sell Send Message A 318 This is what my most recent marketing job looked like The CEO and president of Coldwell Banker The president of the Chicago region of our company overseeing the managers head brokers and specialists Managers of the Chicago branches making sure the head brokers and marketing specialists had the tools and training needed to assist the agents Head brokers in each office making sure the agents' needs were met and that we had the most up to date training on our systems A team of marketing specialists in 10's of locations throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs working with brokers and agents to market their business This was Coldwell Banker one of the largest real estate companies in the world Send Message 317 My first sales job out of college looked like this CEO and heads of each department running the marketing finances unety chain and training to keep the company propelling forward Their bosses making sure each of the locations were running properly and we had the tools needed to sell more product and make more money Managers of our Chicago office working down the line to make sure our office was exceeding out of the 7 locations across the country Managers of the teams taking credit for us hitting metrics and making them look like good leaders A bunch of underpaid sales people pushing products hitting metrics making no commission Meme

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