345 a rTheFairerSex uJezebeltheQueen5656 7h Males are fine til they open their mouth Comment T Share Vote uFriendly_Tone 6h women are considered fragile but l've never seen anything as easily wounded as a man's ego Comment Share Vote uAggravatingAerie 7h Men it's time to start shaving your backs Sorry you can't be gross anymore T Share -Comment Vote uDestroyTheFalus 7h *tips floppy hat* I think men really need to accept the fact that they're be number 2 You are literally biologically inferior to women and you always will be But that's not a bad thing you are still needed for society In fact men are the most important part of the modern world And just T Share Comment Vote uEarthMaiden77 7h l treat guys like Rex Hunt treats fish They always get thrown back Comment T Share Vote uJezebeltheQueen5656 7h “Men shouldn't sleep with married women This entire subreddit Meme

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