345 LTE My classroom is almost ready! Sincere thanks to everyone who made donations I have one more request You may notice that my bookshelves are empty I do not have a class library and would love to have some great books for my students to enjoy Here is my request please consider sending a new copy of your favorite book to me at my school Then post a note in the comments or in messenger explaining what you love about the book and how it has impacted your life I would love to introduce it and you and hope that it may spark a love of reading in them Friends who have writtern books PLEASE send a copy of yours so I can brag about you My school address is Though boxes of mixed used donations have worked out well for me in the past I would prefer not to have to sort through them at this time Thank you for your continued support and commitment to literacy! 9+ only give me new books because I don't feel like sorting through old ones Meme

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