347 PM oll T-Mobile 1 29% 2 years ago They lost our reservation and the lady that runs it was rude and unapologetic about it We had our pd confirmation so after much debate we were given what we paid for The float was nice we were out on time and dismissed the rest as human error We later received a letter stating our group was not C welcome back Very unprofessional and I would not recommend this company 2 Raft & Gear Rentals Ow 2 years ago As we expressed the day of your reservation we deeply sorry we lost your reservation We changed booking systems this last year and are luckily only misplaced two reservations one of which was obviously yours You group however was asked not to come back since an underage girl had to be rescued from the river so she didn't drown one boat missed the takeout we had to call the cops because of a fist fight that broke out in the parking lot and also because multiple life jackets and paddles were lost We feel that it is best for the safety of our employees and your group if you do not return to raft with us again Safety is our number 1 priority Review from a river raft rental and guide place in Washington Meme

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