399 WIFELY DUTIES VIOLATION This is a FEDERAL CASE YOU MUST RESPOND! The undersigned plaintiff hereby summons the violator on this To answer the charges in this affidavit WIFE has committed the following grievous offenses S-day of 20 Nags Hates the Cellulite Word_Hates My Friends Headaches at BedtimeTwo Hours to Get Ready Controlling EVERYTHING Snores But Denies It Aggressive PMS Syndrome Dog Hates Her Do You Love Me? Drama _Passes Quiet Gas Picks Up After Me too Quickly Watches Cartoons No habla BUDGETTurned Kids Against Me Sold My Golf ClubsHas 20+ Personalities Knows Everything Told You So hourly Her Cat Sleeps in My Bed Space Hair Color Gives Me Headaches Aggressive-Passive-Aggressive Aggression OTHER COMMENT MANDATORY PENALTY SIGNED & ATTESTED DATE Meme

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