3 - fake - okay sweetie - spams snapchat story with dog face selfies - only reblogs quotes and aesthetics - needs to drink more water - only makes daddy jokes - talks about their fandoms too much - has exactly 4 cents in the bank - has cosplayed at school before - favourite meme is doge - wears crazy socks - says kawa unironically -space aesthetic - cries at night but acts like everything's okay in the morning - do you need a hug? - listens to 8-bit covers C makes you are valid I'm vegan has 3894783 secrets - tries to be happy - eats too much candy - watches youtube for 36 hours a day - writes x reader fanfics - only wears black and probably depressed the occasional gray - corrects people's grammar - loves chocolate milk - brushes teeth twice a month - takes pens from the ground - has six sideblogs - vague-posts posts - artist friend milkymoonshakes tag urself im Meme

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