3 hrs This man asked me out on a date He was actually fine as hell but when I asked him where we going he said and I quote ladies Applebee's I busted out laughing at his silly cheap ass I told him I own my own shop a house a BMW and stocks I can buy Applebee's! Then I walked away! you should have seen his face I'm worth more than Applebee's you have to impress me and that ain't it! Ladies keep them standards high as hell don't settle for a broke man O You and 185 others 47 shares So because he offered to take you to dinner at Applebee's he's broke? You had to tell him of all your worldly accomplishments to sound good? You don't know that man's financial status He could own several Applebee's he could be a broker he could a doctor but you judged him off a restaurant? I'm sure if I saw his face he would be laughing because he just dodged a bullet You own all of those things but you still don't have a man It's not because your standards are high it's because you ain't shit be GIF Write a comment This story reeks of “that happened” but if it is true you’re an arrogant materialistic bitch and he really dodged a bullet Meme

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