3 Messages >- ? 258 PM Twitter Inc Search Twitter Log in Sign up Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady In terms of ideology Nakia and Killmonger had the same philosophy but Nakia's vision wasn't powered by toxic masculinity That's the conclusion I've come to #BlackPanther 946 AM Feb 19 2018 1023 Retweets 4299 Likes Imani Gand AnaryBlacklady 5h * 68% 259 PM Twitter Inc Messages Search Twitter Log in Sign up Imani Gandy@AngryBlackLady 5hv Replying to @AngryBlackLady Also Killmonger's mistreatment of Black women was an indelible part of his character Another reason he wasn't right #BlackPanther 915 101 772 Imani Gandy@AngryBlackLady 4h v same philosophy is overstating it since Nakia's vision wasn't powered by vengeance the thirst for world domination and not backed by military and CIA training hi imperialism As someone pointed out Ross says he's doing what we trained him to do #BlackPanther 103 681 imani Gandy·@AngryBlackLady 4h I need a t-shirt that says Killmonger had some good points but Nakia was right khiroshige This thread!!!! Yes!!!! Meme

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