3 weeks ago First off arbitrary existence has been proven time and time again to be a mathematical impossibility Meaning intelligent design by a benevolent creator ie God is fact by default Look it up Google is your friend Secondly? Titanic and most likely cannibalistic humanoids in excess of 450 feet tall are a proven reality demonstrated across multiple scientific disciplines Don't take my word for it Research mud fossils here on YouTube I dare any of you naysayers to dispute either of the above I will give you empirical evidence so fast it'll make your little sheeple heads spin It's kinda my specialty Once again folks A due warning for those willing to take heed Your personal comfort zones and years of pre-programming are blocking a huge dimension of reality for you I know you listen to these stories for entertainment That's fine And if you want to remain selectively ignorant that's fine too But please don't presume to correct the relative few who are in the know with parroted misinformation and tired rhetoric I cannot stress that enough Shalom and namaste Show less 1REPLY Meme

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