3 You need to stay up out the streets if you can't take the heat When they said Lil Yachty hot I'm like That's him or me? Lil Yachty Wrist like Minnesota trapping Coca-Cola Catching plays Anquan Boldin Jug out the hot box know that it's stolen Large sizes all type of narcotics Woah got a bankroll in that big body I love my Motorola I love my Motorola I love my Motorola I love my Motorola Fuck 12 they can't pull me over Smoking on gas and that odor Cook it up then flip it over You must've forgot it we 'bout it like soldiers It's cold but I got my shirt off Trap niggas can't fall off Big sack of molly golf ball Big sack of molly golf ball-meme'd Follow my back up @dankest_memes_m8_v2 in case I get taken down again โค Drop a follow and tag a friend ๐Ÿ‘‹ ayyylamo Kush edgy edgyaf edgymeme meme memes fml dank dankmemes truu banter lovenotthots filthyfrank roasted Turnt vapourware joker squad cancer fire aesthetics pupper comedy humour Meme

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