30122019 346 PM 96% ZyrezFalKA 2 07 7 99510 LIKE DELHI BUT BEST GAME OF WITH TOILET ALL-TIME I GN KOREATAKU 44 98% FUCKING AWESOME STUNNING TOTAL BRIT RIFLE PISTOL SHOTGUN 5* 10 A MUST PLAY FOR ALL CLAY MASTERPIECE EUGAMER CLAY INFORMER Rfter a long wait through 2019 the much-anticipated sci-fi RPG Cyberpolska 2017 has finally been released to glowing reviews from critics and fans alike Some are already calling it the greatest game ever made SKYLINE REGRUP UTTH SP -excited swed is h noises- Cyberpolska 2077 is set in a dystopian future where poverty and income inequality is rife and the presence of megacorporations dominates every facet of daily life Body modifications have become commonplace due to increasing violence by gangs and corrupt officials who facilitate the lawless atmosphere that permeates the city Mr Poland! Sir look here! SNAP Look it's Polan! CLICK CLACK Sir Mr Poland! Can you tell us your inspiration for this game?! WHIRR Oh is just normal Polska slice-of-life thing Ah SNAP SAA V CD Polska RED Meme

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