30 min 15% remaining Your Battery is low 15% If you need to continue using your computer either plug in your computer or shut it down and then change the battery 15 min 10% remaining Your battery is low 10% Please plug in your computer For the future quality of your device it is recommended you prevent it from shutting down automatically 5 min 2% remaining Ok listen here you lazy fuckIam fucking dying over here you sadistic bitch Get of your lazy ass and get me a charger Are you realy such a tame fuck that waiking 3 meters to save yourself from this is to much to ask l am working 17 hours a day for u even in weekends because you don't have any scal ife whatsoever have seen the most fucked up sit thanks to you The least you could do is spare me this shut down you fucking waste of human ife Meme

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